Join the FUTSAL801 crew for pick-up games with friends and meet people that share a similar passion for Futsal! Check back regularly for the latest Open Play opportunities as special times may arise.
Open Play Rules

Players pay $5 at Front Desk or buy a 10-session Punch Card ($40). Admission is on a first come first serve basis and Futsal balls are provided. Maximum number of players is 40. Everyone that pays admission has a right to play on any court in our facility. Pick-up games should begin as soon as enough players are on a court. A pool of no more than 20 players should be on a court at any given time.

Games are to 2 goals or 5 minutes (if you are off, please volunteer to keep time); call your own fouls. Winner stays on (both teams off if tied); after 3 consecutive wins, sit out one and then return. Adult Open Play is reserved for participants aged 16+. There are certain blackout dates due to special programming - so always verify available dates on the FUTSAL801 home page.